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Technical products

In addition to conveyor belts and accessories, Tecno Forniture Industriali supplies a wide range of key products for the industry: bags and fabrics for filtration and dedusting, paper and raffia bags, industrial big-bags for several products, meshes and plates for screening aggregates, chemical products for waste water purification, rubber, PVC, PU and silicone hoses.

Industrial filtration

Filters are essential for treating exhaust gases, solid and liquid materials, which ensure low emission levels in working processes and resource optimization.

Today, industrial processes must focus on a strong “change course“; it is therefore essential to keep efficient production, by always placing the focus on the environmental issue.

Thanks to the skills learned, Tecno Forniture Industriali is the single agent of Bwf Envirotec, world leader in the industrial filtration:

  • Filter bags and baskets
  • Fabrics for filter press
  • Belts for belt presses

Industrial packaging

Granules, powder and small pieces need the adequate packaging for the selling. Tecno Forniture Industriali is agent of Saccarta S.p.a. and Saccheria Franceschetti; we supply our customers with the best products for industrial packaging:

  • Open mouth and valve bags
  • Big-bags
  • Raffia and jute bags

Milling Industry parts

Since the beginning of our business, Tecno Forniture Industriali has paid a particular attention to the milling and feed industry, specializing in the supply of a very wide range of spare parts and accessories:

  • Nytal
  • Industrial wire cloth
  • Perforated plates
  • Brushes for plansifters and purifiers, tip taps and extruders
  • Flat transmission belts rapplon
  • Rubber and PVC belts for elevators
  • Cups and bolts
  • Spirals
  • Pipes, fittings and accessories
  • Disinfestants, kenyatox
  • Chains for redler
  • Spirals and augers

Other parts

  • Mesh and accessories for screening

  • Steel and wear-resistant plates for vibrating and rotating screens

  • Anionic and cationic flocculants

  • Plates, strips, round bars in several plastic materials such as pvc, teflon, polyzene 

  • Rubber, pvc and polyurethane hoses

Nastri Trasportatori


  • Nastri trasportatori per impianti di calcestruzzo 
  • Nastri trasportatori per cave e cementerie
  • Nastri trasportatori per impianti di riciclaggio
  • Nastri trasportatori per trattamento rifiuti
  • Nastri trasportatori per fonderie, vetrerie e acciaierie
  • Nastri trasportatori per lavorazione marmo
  • Nastri trasportatori per lavorazione pietra lavica e laterizi
  • Nastri trasportatori per lavorazione legno
  • Nastri elevatori per industria molitoria e mangimistica
  • Nastri per rotopresse ed agricoltura


  • Nastri trasportatori per lavorazione frutta ed ortaggi
  • Nastri trasportatori per sfogliatrici, filonatrici, formatrici
  • Nastri trasportatori per produzione pane e prodotti dolciari
  • Nastri trasportatori per lavorazione di carne e pesce
  • Nastri trasportatori per l’industria casearia
  • Nastri trasportatori per stampaggio materie plastiche
  • Nastri trasportatori per industria chimica e farmaceutica
  • Nastri trasportatori per industria imbottigliamento
  • Nastri trasportatori per aeroporti e logistica
  • Nastri trasportatori e cinghie per carta e cartone
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