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Conveyor belts and accessories

Tecno Forniture Industriali produces rubber, pvc, polyurethane conveyor belts and markets Intralox modular belts, woollen felts and belts for bakery industry, and metal mesh belts. Tecno also develops tailor-made moving solutions for any type of industrial need.

We also produce treadmill tapes, both for home fitness and professional gyms.

Tecno Forniture Industriali also supplies complete conveyor belts, roller conveyors and screw pumps in partnership with specialized companies.

PU - PVC and Modular belts

This type of belts is widely used in various industries for the internal handling of products: bread, biscuits, dairies, fruit and vegetable, meat, fish and many others. They are also used for the transport of medium-light products.

We stock a wide range of specific spare belts for dough sheeters and bakery machines of several brands and we also quickly realize the required tape.

Tecno Forniture Industriali reserves unique conditions for resellers or maintenance technicians.

Contact us  to receive a quotation.

Rubber conveyor belts

Rubber conveyor belts are heavy goods handling. They are available with specific features: cut and abrasion resistant belt, oil and grease resistant belt, heat and flame resistant belt.

Tecno Forniture Industriali also supplies sliding conveyor belts, food conveyor belts, also with special applications such as profiles and guides.

They are also employed as elevator belts and in the agricultural sector for roundbalers.

Do you need to replace the belts on your Roundbaler?

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If you are a reseller or a maintenance technician contact us  to get the discounts reserved for you.

Treadmill belts

We produce custom-make belts  for any treadmill, professional or home fitness. We stock a wide range of treadmill belts, anti-noise and with a low friction sliding – specially designed for fitness. 

All belts can be customized with logos.

Do you need to replace the belt on your treadmill?

Write us to get a quote.

If you are a reseller or a maintenance technician, contact us to get the discounts reserved for you.

Belts parts

We supply a complete range of  essential parts for the working and maintenance of conveyor belts.

  • Rollers   
  • Skirt boards 
  • Rubber sheets
  • V-belts
  • Scrapers
  • Fasteners
  • Cold repair materials
  • Motors, reducers, vibrators
  • Automatic lubrificator

Nastri Trasportatori


  • Nastri trasportatori per impianti di calcestruzzo 
  • Nastri trasportatori per cave e cementerie
  • Nastri trasportatori per impianti di riciclaggio
  • Nastri trasportatori per trattamento rifiuti
  • Nastri trasportatori per fonderie, vetrerie e acciaierie
  • Nastri trasportatori per lavorazione marmo
  • Nastri trasportatori per lavorazione pietra lavica e laterizi
  • Nastri trasportatori per lavorazione legno
  • Nastri elevatori per industria molitoria e mangimistica
  • Nastri per rotopresse ed agricoltura


  • Nastri trasportatori per lavorazione frutta ed ortaggi
  • Nastri trasportatori per sfogliatrici, filonatrici, formatrici
  • Nastri trasportatori per produzione pane e prodotti dolciari
  • Nastri trasportatori per lavorazione di carne e pesce
  • Nastri trasportatori per l’industria casearia
  • Nastri trasportatori per stampaggio materie plastiche
  • Nastri trasportatori per industria chimica e farmaceutica
  • Nastri trasportatori per industria imbottigliamento
  • Nastri trasportatori per aeroporti e logistica
  • Nastri trasportatori e cinghie per carta e cartone
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