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We’ve been proposing moving solutions for industry for 20 years

Our story

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Tecno Forniture Industriali was founded in Aci S.Antonio in 2001. Thanks to the expertise of the founders, it immediately stood out on the market for sale, installation and assistance of conveyor belts and accessories for all types of industry.

Over the years we have developed a wide range of competencies in the industrial filtration and packaging areas; this enabled us to become a unique reference for our customers’ needs.

Sicily has a long tradition of companies, made up of industrious people who work like us with commitment and passion, creating several businesses, which are popular for their excellence worldwide.

We put care and attention to all our customers – from the small manufacturing laboratory to the larger industrial company – listening to their technical needs and anticipating their requests.

We’ve started our business in Sicily and, thanks to our core values, we have managed to make ourselves appreciated in Italy and abroad.

Our core values


Tecno Forniture Industriali respects delivery times and the quality of the products supplied. These elements have allowed us to keep the clients’ business for 20 years. We are people and experts you can trust.


Our experience and skills help us to focus the most suitable solution regarding customer's needs


Strong relationships among collaborators and the ones built with customers and suppliers are fundamental for us.

Sales Team

From the first contact to the best solution, Tecno Forniture Industriali’s sales team is the reference for all customers.

Technical Team

Our highly experienced staff is able to solve any problem.

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