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Conveyor belts and technical products for industry

Tecno Forniture Industriali has developed the required expertise and skills to be relied on for every need related to transmission on conveyor belts, big-bags industrial packaging and industrial filtration of gas, dust and liquids.

People, ideas, solutions: every day we stay by your side with professionalism and passion.

One single partner for your product in motion

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We’ve been proposing moving solutions for industry for 20 years

Tecno Forniture Industriali has been developing its skills related to conveyor belts over 20 years and – thanks to its partnership – it has expanded its products and facilities range, supplying clients with filter bags and industrial packagings for many industries:

agri-food, logistics, airports, fitness, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, aggregate processing, waste treatment and recycling, plastic molding and others.

Why choose us


We fully understand your technical needs, we can recommend you the best solution


Our lean structure allows us to have a quick order fulfillment, having a wide availability of spare parts ready for delivery


We are a 360° reference for spare parts for companies in several industries


Same care and attention for each customer

Tecno Forniture Industriali is a reference in the world of conveyor belts, the only one who provides qualified assistance on any type of belt and on the mechanical parts which regulate its movement. Specific technical assistance for each industry:

  • Aggregate processing, cement, and premixed production
  • Marble, lava stone, bricks processing
  • Waste treatment and recycling
  • Agri-food, milling, and feed
  • Fitness and leisure
  • Plastic material molding
  • Logistics, airports, ports
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Our clients

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