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Assistance and conveyor belts processing

Tecno Forniture Industriali customizes conveyor belts with the application of profiles, sides, waves, guides, and also perforations.

We supply closed ring conveyor belts- already joint by vulcanization or with the application of suitable metal fasteners – made off or on site. Free plant inspections to identify the best possible product and consider the best type of installation.

Technical Assistance

Our technical staff, skilled and qualified, operating in compliance with current safety standards – is able to install or repair rubber, polyurethane, PVC belts, flat transmission belts. Starting from the raw materials reels – always available in stock at our production unit – we transform and customize the required tape in a short time and with the utmost attention to detail.

We perform hot or cold vulcanization at companies, proposing the most valid solution to reduce plant downtime.

We also carry out the coating of  drums, channels and hoppers.

Spare parts warehouse

We have a large stock of spare parts ready for delivery:

  • Rubber conveyor belts, PVC and polyurethane conveyor belts, rollers, skirt boards, scrapers, rubber sheets, V-belts, patches and glues for cold joints, and several kind of metal joints

  • Belts for milling industry,  roundbalers belts with proper mato joints;

  • Spare parts for milling industry: nylon, industrial wire cloth, perforated plates, brushes for plansichters and purifiers, tip-taps, extruders, elevator conveyor belts, cups and bolts, enamelled, galvanized and stainless steel pipes and fittings and many other accessories;

  • Plastic materials such as pvc, teflon, polyzene plates, strips and round bars. We can supply customized details

  • Anionic and cationic flocculants for wastewater treatment plants.

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